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Landlord's access to the rented property

Landlord's access to the rented property

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Even if your landlord owns your rental property, they may not enter your rental property without a valid reason or agreement with you.

§ 102 of the Danish Rent Act states that the landlord has the right to gain access to the rented property when circumstances require it.

Your landlord can therefore only, without prior agreement with you, gain access to your lease if conditions require it. But what does this mean in concrete terms?

Such conditions may, for example, be to limit or stop damage to your rental property – for example, a burst water pipe, gas leak.

If your landlord is to carry out other ordinary work in the apartment, the landlord must, according to the notice rules of the Rent Act, give notice of, respectively:

6 weeks for less work

3 months for major work

If you are in doubt whether your specific case concerns major or minor work, you are welcome to contact Lejernes Retshjælp.

Your landlord is not entitled to have an extra key, unless there is an express agreement between you and your landlord that you accept this. This may, for example, be a point in your lease agreement – if in doubt, you can contact Lejernes Retshjælp for a complete review of your lease.

You must be aware that you have the maintenance obligation for locks and keys, and thus the obligation to replace these if required, §20 of the Rent Act.

What should I do if my landlord enters my rental property without consent or notice?

If your landlord enters your home without your consent or prior notice, the act may constitute illegal vigilante, which is an issue for the police, as it is covered by the rules of the Criminal Code. We always recommend that you raise the issue with your landlord before considering going to the police with the case. In this connection, Lejernes Retshjælp can take the dialogue with your landlord for you, or assess whether you have a case.

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