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The amount charges for rent

First of all, it is relevant to mention that very different rules apply to rent determinations. If you want a specific assessment of your rent, you can contact us and we can help you get your rent reduced either directly by contacting your landlord or by bringing the matter before the Tenant Board. It is the Tenant Board that is the body that handles cases concerning the amount of rent, in the first place.

The first thing that is relevant to know about the amount of rent is that there are different rules depending on which municipality you live in. There are regulated municipalities and non-regulated municipalities. Which municipality you live in is crucial to how high a rent the landlord may demand.

The rent is regulated according to various parameters:

  • Cost-determined rent
  • Rent determined on the basis of the value of the tenancy
  • Market rent,
  • Free rent fixing
Rent increase:

There are also different rules for rent increases and whether they should be notified and how. It should be briefly stated here that stair lease clauses have been invalidated following the amendment of the law on 1 July 2015. Here, the landlord can instead validly use the net price index, which adjusts the rent once a year.

If you are in doubt whether your rent is too high, contact us and we will assess it for you!

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